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First Stage Theatre

Milwaukee, WI

"Bringing some sweetness to all of the slime is Elizabeth Telford as Miss Honey. Telford's demeanor is every inch believable in her complex blend of self-doubt, wide-eyed hope, and determination. Moreover, her lovely voice rings clear as a bell-especially beautiful in Act Two's touching 'My House.'"

- Kelsey Lawler,

"...And Telford, with a Julie Andrews-like deportment and vocal tone, reminds us of the comfort and inspiration that truly good teachers can provide."

- Adam Rogan, Milwaukee Magazine

"The mousy and much abused teacher Miss Honey is the co-heroine of the show, with a journey that is almost as difficult as Matilda's. Played tenderly by Elizabeth Telford, she alone recognizes Matilda's gifts and learns to be brave by following the gifted girl's example. Telford's elegant soprano soars in several solos and leads the melancholy "When I Grow Up," one of the most beautiful musical scenes in the show."

- Gwen Rice,

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