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She Loves Me

Marriott Theatre

Lincolnshire, IL

"If you don't really care about and root for that couple, the show is toast. But you do care about them at the Marriott, not least because Alex Goodrich, who wisely has dialed back his comic wackiness, and Elizabeth Telford, whose heart seems to ooze warmth and uncertainty, turn in such honest, vulnerable and essentially realistic performances."

- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"Elizabeth Telford, whose distinctive soprano works wonders in every song from “No More Candy” and “Will He Like Me?” to “Vanilla Ice Cream”"

- Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

He's wonderfully matched by the Amalia of Elizabeth Telford, who deploys her lovely soprano voice in showy numbers like "Will He Like Me?" and "Vanilla Ice Cream." Both Goodrich and Telford bring out their characters' contrariness and insecurities in equal measure."

- Scott C. Morgan, Daily Herald

"...a solid match for the spirited openness of Telford’s Amalia. They’re the ideal not-quite-a-couple to root for..."

Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago

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